Newgen Infinite

About Us

Infinity is a centuries old concept. It goes beyond the known dimensions. It is boundless, it is limitless. At present we live in an unbounded social sphere. We explore new possibilities. We create different opportunities.

All this happens too quickly. To match this quick change we need to change in our technology. The speed of change should be extensive and limitless or better to say it should be infinite.

We are a new age corporate brand. The business fraternity recognizes us as a core technology company with a focus on solution creation and innovation. Creating solutions for end users to enhance their business processes is our sole priority.

It has helped us to explore technology to its fullest business application. Our ability to innovate continuously is required to keep us competitive. It has supported us to adapt to ever-changing business requirements.

Our inherent culture of innovation has enabled us to develop a track record of product innovation, expand the range of our offerings and improve the delivery of our products and services.

During this period, we have been working with the main objective of being the frontier of specialized technologies which provide high value services to our customers. We are a technology provider to global software product companies across a wide spectrum of industries.

We believe that our culture of innovation has enabled us to grow and retain our customer relationships and successfully achieve process and productivity improvement for our customers. These services suit the present day business specifications. Because of these innovative services we have clients from US, Canada and Europe.

With several years of experience in developing software products, we aim to bring futuristic technologies that further push the boundary of technology innovation.