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Trending Methods of Software Testing in 2018

Automated testing is an upgraded mode of the software testing that has been adopted as one of the finest technology in the IT industry. With an induction of automated testing the manual testing methods have been completely replaced, thus making the testing process more sophisticated, precise and swift than ever before. The features like continuous integration and continuous deployment have made th ...

Identifying and rectifying blunders made during QA

Blunders often happen when the enterprise takes the road to success. But what volume of the blunders or say technical glitches must be tolerated and rectified? Few glitches can be resolved from the techie’s end, but expecting a good number to surpass may be a wrong projection of thoughts and techie’s capacity. So, here come two choices. Either smartly re-design the

How is Quality of life transforming with the Disruptive Technology?

Disruptive technology with the permissioned platform and potential to keep the record of every transaction is no more just an encrypted cover for the financial operations. The potential of the technology is deeply understood by the experts and implemented to the domains where it would be always harder to imagine. With the term Blockchain till now one could only picturize the Bitcoin and secured mo ...

Insurance and Blockchain – How the face of Insurance is changed?

Insurance is just a word that guarantees the emotional repairs with money. If you love your car, health, family or say any object, then you would like to protect them by providing insurance. But, what if you lose any of them. Yes! You will be compensated with the 'Sum Insured' almost the double with a sorrowful message from the insurance company. Getting insurance claims is not so easy as there ar ...

Elements and Use Cases of Blockchain – Espying the Bottomline of the Disruptive Technology

You may be wondering about the need of the new technology – Blockchain. You must be definitely pitching different notions that can put up the clear sense of its implementation when the current technology calls itself safe and secure for each transaction the user makes. But is the existing technology really safe against cyber assaults? Today, every transaction relies upon user ID and password and s ...

Blockchain holds an Unborn Evolution – Emerging Trends of 2017

So far blockchain has covered most of the sectors ranging from Banking, insurance, energy to medical. Most of us would be taking pride of implementation of this technology and keeping the elements secure. But, only a few of us are in a procurement of the knowledge that this is just the beginning. There are more surprises to explore which will pronounce the success of the blockchain more evidently. ...

Decentralized Applications (Dapps) & Blockchain

Dapps or Decentralized applications are the serverless applications which can be run collaboratively with client side and blockchain network like Ethereum. Technically, if Dapps is to be defined then it can be defined as the decentralized applications which are an open source where the entire database is stored in public blockchain to duck the consequences of the central repository failure. To mak ...

Crowdfunding - Concoction of Debt, Equity and Donation

Blockchain technology has developed different applications which are widely used in different domains. The utilitarian feature of the renowned technology is the secured transaction which has been well known in the domains like banking. The technology has been developed so immensely that people are no more dependent upon the established institutions for taking loans, lending and profit sharing.

VoIP: Delivering Voice over Internet

The traditional telephone system, which originally carried analog voice data through copper wires also known as Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) doesn't support mobility or scalability. With time, they got digitized but requires dedicated telephone lines from the service provider. PSTN uses what's called circuit-switched telephony, which sets up dedicated chan ...

Virtual Reality (VR): The Big Wave in Technology

Whew. What a year, huh? When virtual reality company Oculus was acquired by Facebook in early 2014, interest in virtual reality exploded. Last December the VR community was left guessing as to when the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR would really release and 12 lightning-fast months later we have them all and a new headset from Google to boot. The industry is showing revolutionary moveme ...

Google Fuchsia: A new Operating System

Fuchsia is lightweight operating system which is being developed by Google for making cross platform apps. The OS will not be based on Linux kernel and it is completely independent from android. Its kernel will be designed for only specific purpose and it is only possible by building the operating system on micro-kernel so Google has designed its own micro-kernel named Magen ...

Internet of Things-Prelude to the Naive Technology

In the era of the explosion of technologies, there is one that has caught eyes of the most, i.e “Internet of Things”, abbreviated as IoT. To begin with a brief introduction of what IoT is and how has it changed our way of living in the past and will keep influenced our lives, for all years to come.

Android app development with Kotlin

When anyone thinks about developing an android app, the first language which comes to mind is JAVA . But it is not the best option always. The biggest problem with Java is that Java is old, wordy and error-prone. Although Java 8 was a big step in this direction, which includes various features, but android does not use all the features of Java 8. Android developers still use Java 7 or 6 for develo ...

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

It is a machine or computer with the ability to solve problems that are generally solved by human using their intelligence. Machine learning, Natural language processing (NLP), Pattern recognition (Computer Vision) and Fuzzy logic are some famous domains of artificial intelligence.

Why is Venture Capital Industry Sprinting to opt ICO?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is the new provider of the cryptocurrencies in exchange of other cryptocurrencies with great monetary benefits. It is a new money instrument to mine out the bitcoin-like currency. As a money instrument, ICOs or cryptocurrency exchanger is liked by the investors because it has no central datahouse which can readily get affected and it has a transparent working strategy ...

10 things you should know while you choose REACT as your frontend development framework

React.js is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces with ease and quick. It is created by Facebook developers. They created this framework to solve a specific problem of data rendering and later on they released it as an open source library with few minor modifications.

Tracking Smartphone Usage Using CEP MQTT

Smartphones have become very widespread and have claimed an important role in the way people are accessing information. Mobile traffic has been growing 1.5 times annually over the course of last 5 years and the trend is likely to continue or even accelerate.

Typescript: The Awesome Way to Write Javascript

There are numerous challenges or common mistakes we did when we start writing JavaScript. Few of them are:

Importance of Code Reviews

Culture of maintaining good quality needs to be incorporated in everyone's blood. Everyone appreciates a good product, whether in terms of hardware or software.

Angular and its Unique Features

Angular js is a framework which is based on javascript. Now, Since it’s a framework so it sets some standards to be followed and if you follow those standards you can take advantages of several inbuilt unique features of Angular. So let’s very quickly take a look at some of those unique features of Angular.

All You Need to Know About Hybrid Application

Hybrid - term is derived from Combination of multiple things. As its name says Hybrid Application is the application which can run on multiple platforms using single code base. Hybrid mobile application combination of both Native & Web Applications. A native application is developed using the specific language for specific platform e.g Objective C or Swift for iOS App development & Java for Androi ...

Making Sense of Hyperledger & Chaincode

Most of the people think Blockchain as an innovative and game-changing technology. But if you haven't heard about Blockchain technology, then I'm pretty sure that you know something about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Blockchain came into existence with its first use case - Bitcoin. Bitcoin is basically a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. However, Blockchain technology is not just about the ...

How to Setup a MySQL Database Cluster

It was my first day in the new organization and client assigned a task of setting up MySQL cluster. Truly speaking, I was speechless for a moment on hearing the term Cluster. I had never heard this term before. I was little upset on getting the task on the very first day. After doing research for some time, I found that there is an auto installer for MySQL but due to limited access on the systems ...

How to Effectively use Database Indexes

While working on one of those projects wherein our team of java developers was serving the role of DBA too, we fell into serious database performance crisis. Though our application worked just fine in development environment; it was quite slow for a few functionalities in the production like environment. Turned out that due to the bulk of data in production database, some queries were slow. As the ...

Database optimization techniques

Every person, working with database, developer or DBA has to come across with issues related to database performance. One morning I reached office and my boss said that they are experiencing slowness in the production system and wanted my team to fix it before it crashes. I and my co-developer sat together, looked at few things, applied some techniques and finally optimized the database performanc ...

UI Frameworks for Single Page Applications

Over the period of time, UI has grabbed more and more attention of Business Users irrespective of their sophistication level. As a software provider company you cannot move away from this fact, rather embracing this change quickly is a key to success in current market.

Development To Deployment - 9 Things A Java Developer Should Know

Java technology has been evolving since its initial release in 1995. Apart from the OOPS concepts, language basics/syntax and various business layer frameworks which keep coming with time, there are a number of things which every Java developer should understand and use, from development to deployment, in order to do collaborative software development in an efficient way. I have summarized some of ...

Extending Behavior of Entities Generated by Entity Framework

As we all know the beauty of Entity Framework (EF) is that it automatically generates Classes for various model entities (tables, views etc.). No extra effort is needed to simulate the behavior of these entities by creating custom classes in solution (C# code) as we used to do before the introduction of EF.

Visual Studio Code Analysis: A handy tool for developers

In yesteryears lots of time was spent on reviewing code & analysing it. Despite this desired result was not guaranteed. Developer's and reviewer's job became easy when Microsoft introduced automatic tools for code analysis. These utilities cover all aspects of code analysis & review.

How I learned SCRUM?

It was my first day at office. It happens rarely but I was nervous so I reached office before time. Around 9 am, people started coming to office. After 15 minutes, they all gathered in near hall and started discussing on some issue. I thought that they didn't have meeting-rooms here.