Construction ERP System


Client is a leading Enterprise in North America that provides integrated and advanced enterprise software solutions for construction and capital project firms. Client wanted to develop a web based ERP software for construction domain so that real time and consolidated information can be quickly available in right people’s hand and in a meaningful format. Making the data meaningful to executive decision-makers is the key of the system. If the data is couple of days old, that could result in a large shift in what’s happening with a construction project. Whether it is for schedule or for finance, estimates plays a vital role in construction management. Information should be handled in a way so that executives an make correct estimates. The project dealt with the seamless integration of various aspects of construction project like RFIs, Submittals, Transmittals, Potential Change Items, Bid Items, Budget and Cost Management, Reporting and communication in a single platform.


  • Design & Architect the system in way so that same solution can be seamlessly integrated with different Graphical user interface like ADF, ASP etc.
  • Provide and highly configurable system which can be integrated with multiple clients as per their requirements without much modifications in the standard system.
  • •Provide an integration of different parts of construction requirements like submittals with transmittals. PCIs with different objects like RFI, Communication and Issues.
  • Provide a way to integrate User defined fields which can be added to different objects like RFI, Communication, PCI etc. as per project and user requirements.
  • Provide a way to formulate the information in hand in such a way so that correct estimates can be generated.
  • Providing a mechanism to allow end users to have multiple customizable views according to his preference which can be referred later using Oracle Reports and Jasper Reports.
  • Provide multi-tab interface, written custom in JavaScript to integrate different piece of information of different objects like Communication, RFI and Meeting Minutes.
  • Provide a way to track Meeting minutes, Issues etc. within the system.
Case Study Hurdles


This application is designed on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture using latest technologies like Struts and Oracle Database. Sigma grid is used to providing a rich and user friendly graphical user interface for web browsers. Some features provided in the solution include –

  •  Rich graphical user interface using JSP and Sigma Grid UI Controls.
  • Designed a way to introduce notes and attachments which can be attached with RFI, Communication and various other objects of the system. All these notes and attachments can be created and updated using standard email functionality with an already defined format.
  • Reports to view extensive reports using Oracle Reports or Jasper Reports. All these reports can be viewed in PDF as well as can be sent to other users using built-in email functionality in the system.
  • Critical functionality subset provision on Mobile devices (iOS & Android)


  • One centrally managed information system which provides customers with real-time visibility of their construction projects. The system allows the companies numerous benefits starting from the consolidations of various disparate systems into one unified system, and provision of data validation across the board.
  • Since Construction ERP is an integrated solution so it provides a better ROI as all information is available at single platform and executives can take better decision while viewing all information at one place and in their preferred formats.
  • The solution reduces the time at each level of construction since the integrated nature of system provides the timely notifications to the current responsible person.


Tools and Technologies
  • Development Methodology:

    Agile using SCRUM
  • Project Management Tool:

    Client’s Internal Task Management System & Excel Reports
  • User Interface:

    J2EE, Core Java, Sigma Gird UI Controls, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Objective
  • Frameworks:

    Struts 1.4
  • Reporting:

    Jasper Reports
  • Business Logic:

    Oracle ADF, WebLogic Server
  • Database:

    Oracle Database 10g & 11g
  • IDE:

    JDeveloper 10g & 11g
  • Supported Browsers:

    Internet Explorer 8 or above & Firefox
  • Mobile:

    Native applications on iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android