Field Service Management Portal


The application called Service Process Portal is a global supply chain service that allows users to achieve significant ecological and financial benefits. It ensure that the goods move in the most efficient way based on where they are needed and not based on the location or availability of assets (i.e. warehouse or transport). One global information system provides complete visibility to the shipper as well as all providers. The benefits can be significant as any changes or delays are immediately communicated to all allowing for adjustments when required.


  • It was a challenge to design and create a Rich Graphical User Interface using the latest available user experience creation tools & technologies.
  • Another major challenge was to manage every aspect of the solution and deliver it in timely manner while using remote machines for the development.
  • The last but not the least of the challenges was to perform the analysis and formulate the complete understanding of a new business domain (Supply Chain Service) while being offshore.
Case Study Hurdles


Newgen team understood the existing design and architecture of the application and redesigned and developed various modules for enhancing the application.

Some features provided in the solution include –

  • Rich graphical user interface using Silverlight 4.0/5.0, Telerik controls and Stimulsoft Reports.
  • Tracking various user devices and plotting them on the Map based upon their geographical locations using GPS.
  • Integrating the application with BING & Google maps services & Telerik controls.


  • One centrally managed information system provides customers with real-time visibility of their supply chains. Users are now able to receive dynamic notifications of changes or delays, enabling them to make proactive adjustments when necessary. Most significantly, this is achieved without the traditional requirements (and expenses) of EDI, email, fax or phone communications that are typically needed to transfer data between disconnected.
  • Customers are able to utilize the most appropriate assets based on optimal location, size, cost and availability. The choice of provider (i.e. transportation, warehousing etc.) is not governed or influenced by the assets of one provider or an alliance of providers, but purely by what’s needed to move the product in the most efficient way through the supply chain.
  • All costs of the supply chain (i.e. freight/ warehousing, duty and other fees) are completely visible to customers and are passed on without the mark-up. Service Process Portal’s fee is transaction based and in no way relate to the cost of transportation, warehousing or other supply chain charges. This allows for continued cost reductions while the supply chain is optimized.


Tools and Technologies
  • Development Methodology:

    Agile using SCRUM
  • Project Management Tool:

    Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  • User Interface:

    C# .Net, ASP .Net, Silverlight 4.0/5.0, Telerik Controls for Silverlight, HTML5, CSS3
  • Frameworks:

    .NET Framework 4.0/4.5
  • Reporting:

    Microsoft Reporting Services, Stimulsoft Reports
  • Business Logic:

    WCF, WCF RIA Services, Web API
  • Database:

    SQL Server 2008, Entity Framework
  • IDE:

    Visual Studio 2012
  • Supported Browsers:

    Internet Explorer 8 or above, Chrome, Firefox etc.