Financial Management - JSF (Rich Faces), EJB 3.0 and Seam


Client wanted a comprehensive software solution that helps Firms, Advisors and individuals across the financial services chain foster revenues and drive new Businesses. System should specifically let customers manage their clients and businesses in a single application and present their information from a variety of perspectives, using integrated financial research which would lead to easy and better financial management.


Client was looking for a robust solution that could be easily configured for multiple clients and facilitate support for Business and its clients in a single solution.

  • Create a Component based Layered Architectural Design which allows the application to be configured to display custom views for multiple clients.
  • Creating a database independent Data Access Layer which could be integrated with different types of Databases as per Client Requirement.
  • Provide support for Intranet (SSO) as well as Internet users.
  • Provide support for Scalability and ease of Maintainability and Extensibility.
  • Provide Quick Consolidated/Key Points Reporting.
  • Support for Client specific Localization.
Case Study Hurdles


Based on requirements, use cases study and client discussions, it was decided to use rapid development frameworks i.e. JSF (Rich Faces), EJB 3.0 and JBoss Seam on top of J2EE Stack to compensate the need of custom implementation to be done for this application.

Decision analysis was done by defining key selection attributes, and weighing options on them.

Rich Faces was used to provide AJAX based built-In attractive user interfaces controls. EJB 3.0 was used to develop components which should be scalable, transactional and multi-user secure. JPA (part of EJB specification) provided DB Independent ORM support and JBoss Seam, the cutting edge Framework from JBoss, was used to conglomerate the capabilities of Rich faces and EJB and let developer focus on business problem rather than writing unnecessary glue code to Integrate Technologies.

We architected a Highly Configurable component based layered design which was segregated in to Configuration Management, Data Access, Business Logic and Presentation Layers.

Functional Access Security was implemented on the UI/Business Layer to support permission based access.

Integration with Pentaho Reporting was done so as to get quick Consolidated/Key Point Portfolio Reports so as to analyze key metrics that can help customers dramatically improve their operations.

Design ensured that Application could be configured to display custom views for multiple clients with minimal development effort


  • A highly configurable solution was prepared which could be easily configured for multiple clients.
  • Solution was OS and DB independent so that client could configure the solution according to his budget.
  • Pentaho Reporting facilitated Quick Consolidated/Key points report creation and generation.
  • Solution could be configured for Intranet (SSO) as well as Internet users.
  • Scalability with failover support was also provided.


Tools and Technologies

RichFaces 3.1, EJB 3.0, Seam 2.1.1, Java 6, Pentaho Reporting Suite, Oracle 11g, MSSQL Server 2005, iText 2.1.5, Ext Js 2.2.1, IntelliJ IDEA 7.0, Eclipse