Wealth Management Social Platform


The client wanted to develop a social platform for the investment community; this includes the investment advisors, general investors and mutual fund houses. The objective of building this application was to create a crowd sourcing platform so that an investor can take an informed decision before investing. It also provides the earning opportunity for the investment advisors as the people can also subscribe to their premium content e.g. the research reports on stock and recommendations. This in turn will provide a revenue generation stream for the client.


There were multiple challenges for this project listed as below:

  • The end client, being an individual and not an organization, is playing multiple roles and no technical team available from client’s side for discussions.
  • The requirements were not fixed at the beginning; the requirements kept evolving as we moved forward.
  • Multi browser support - Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers.
  • Mobile device support for iOS platform.
  • Hosting on AWS (Amazon Web Services) virtual machines environment.
Case Study Hurdles


The core of the application is to crowd-source the investment ideas shared across the application in the form of various messages, opinions, graphs, videos etc. This information is shared and used by the subscribers to take a better investment decision. The users can also view/like/dislike or follow other users portfolio, based on which the ratings of users develop.

Newgen capitalized on its financial markets knowledge as well as best of its UI developers who understand, adapt and implement the frequently changing requirements and also take cues from the popular features available from other leading social platforms. Application had custom dashboards with activity streams and a variety of data visualization and analysis tools e.g., bubble charts which represent data in a very intuitive manner to keep the users engaged. Solution provided integration with existing popular social platforms e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter

One of the requirements was to host the solution on AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform; therefore we evaluated and suggested the most appropriate solution within AWS to our client as per the application requirement.

Security was a prime concern for the application and we used Spring Security to meet security requirements. Application also provided multi browser and mobile device support to facilitate convenience to the end users.


  • Increased flexibility & simplified way of maintaining relational business data across different list also across different SharePoint sites.
  • No effort to maintain data integrity across the lists.


Tools and Technologies

AWS EC2 (elastic cloud) as application hosting environment, Apache Tomcat 7x Spring MVC, Spring Security, JQuery, D3.js, HTML5, CSS3 for User interface MySQL database, Mybatis, SVN, JIRA for bug and task tracking