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WMSRobust UISoftware

Offering scalable and robust UI and client side solutions

At Newgen Infinite, we strongly believe that managing the trade-off between end user focus and business objectives is the key to an effective UX and UI. With years of experience, our design and development teams have evolved methods to ensure this trade off result in not only aesthetically pleasing, feature rich & convincing UI but also it score high in simplicity and effectiveness.

Our Expertise & Offerings in Client Side Applications

  • Single Page Application with MVC, MVVM and MV* architecture
  • Responsive Design catering from huge display devices to small mobile screens
  • Specialized automated UI testing
  • Extensible, Modular and Maintainable Architecture
  • Test Driven Development with two phase development

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What We Have Done


  • Architecture multiple enterprise level applications based on nested MVC patterns.
  • Automation of unit test and e2e case/suit execution using Karma.
  • Complete integration with Grunt for activities like Minification, template caching and integrated builds.
  • Achieved modular code structure using dependency injection.
  • Consumed APIs from different platforms like node, java, WCF, WebAPIs.
  • Achieved HTML reusability using Templates.
  • Customized HTML tags/controls using Directives.


  • Designed and developed multiple UI rich application based on Backbone-Marionette.
  • Implemented Modular and event driven architectures using Marionette.
  • Automation of unit test case/suit execution using Jasmine and Sinon.


  • Implemented all JavaScript code from frontend to backend.
  • Created multiple prototypes and POCs in almost no time.
  • Extended prototypes to enterprise level applications.
  • Achieved greater level of scalability with horizontal scaling and cluster module by Node.


  • Expertise in creating Enterprise level Single Page Application (SPA) based UI using nested MVC, MVVM and MV* architectures.
  • Responsive Web Design using HTML5/4, CSS3, Less and Media Queries etc.
  • Expertise in charting controls libraries like D3.js, Highcharts.js, and Amcharts.js etc.
  • Upgrading existing Web applications to Single Page Applications.
  • Ember.js, Knockout.js, Underscore.js, React, Require.js, Sammy.js, Amplify.js, Bootstrap.js, JQuery UI, Bundle.js

Our Value Proposition

We passionately strive to keep ourselves on the cutting edge of the Web Evolution, and have witnessed development of critical full-stack enterprise Web applications using leading technologies from a long time, with client's ranging from startups to some of the key Fortune 500 organizations, in Document Management, Wealth Management, Insurance, and Automobile domains.

With a vast web development experience, we ensure that our solutions are robust and deliver sustainable returns, in addition to providing the offshore scalability and cost advantage. Furthermore, with our increasing outsourcing engagements, we have streamlined the coordination mechanisms and processes with our client development teams, in a service delivery model which comfortably suits their business requirements.