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WMSRobust UISoftware

Software Engineering Services for Industrial Manufacturers

We are working with leading IT software solutions providers to deliver world class solutions to OEM’s, their dealers and suppliers.

Our industry experience and technical expertise has helped our clients to  meet their business objective, reduce cost and time-to-market, redefine and improve operational and functional efficiency across all the verticals but not limited to sales, marketing, supply chain, retail and aftermarket areas.


Emerging trends and rapid technological advancements are driving unprecedented transformation in the Industry. Solution providers are looking out to provide differentiated offerings, to complement businesses by optimally digitizing value chains and to provide digital user experience to their customers. On the other side, they are also challenged by increasing pressures of cost rationalization in delivering these offerings.

Our strong engineering expertise complements solution providers in overcoming above challenges and has helped them in unboxing new levers of growth by building large number of enterprise products & applications for various global OEM giants.

Capability Areas

Industrial Manufacturing Capabilities

We combine our industry experience with technical capabilities in user interface design, mobility, social media, IoT and analytics to develop applications which deliver new age Digital Experience in areas such as:

Digital Retailing & E-commerce

  • Building and Comparing products across vendors
  • Inventory and payment systems management
  • Order and Invoice builder
  • Accessories Visualizers to view how a model will look

Distribution Management

  • Determination of optimal quantities of a product for delivery
  • Automate business process to enable reduction in the turnaround time for getting information
  • Provides inventory management mechanisms to track inventory effectively and prudently with minimal human intervention

Incentives & Offer Management

  • Authoring, Configuring, Managing and releasing incentives and offers
  • Planning incentive programs across locations, payment plans, segments, interest, trends
  • Customizing the offers on basis of geographical location, type of purchase, payment plans, Customer segments, customer interest and upcoming market trends

Product Building & Publishing Platform

  • Setup and manage different versions/models
  • Develop business or rule engine to define product interdependencies
  • Building a product using the available colors and accessories

Portfolio Management

  • Supporting lead generation by analyzing real time data for visibility and visualization
  • Integration with third party systems for capturing real time data
  • Complete reporting system for user end to end requirements