Our Expertise

Our Objectives

Java EE has been a leading development platform for more than a decade due to its modular, component-oriented architecture. Its feature rich platform helps develop robust, scalable, portable and secure applications. Newgen Infinite's Java Center of Excellence is a team of innovative java experts continuously building technical competency combined with best design practices and processes to deliver quality and value to our customers. With our time-tested technical skills and well-defined processes, we provide thought leadership in Java Technology.

Newgen Java Development Process

Our objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing solutions to the technical challenges faced by Java developers
  • Devising frameworks to ease Java development and facilitate component reuse across projects
  • Assisting in key proposals and technically challenging projects
  • Organizing knowledge sharing sessions across teams
  • Helping developers build competency via specialized training programs
  • Building skills in emerging Java technologies via PoCs

Our Capabilities

Our subject matter experts develop best-in-class solutions in areas like ideation & prototype development, new product development from ground-up, product re-engineering & migrations, quality assurance and testing.

Java Expertise Areas

We have experience in developing diverse range of applications dealing with various technical requirements of current era's applications, for example:

  • Integration with various authentication and authorization providers/frameworks to provide secure access to the application resources
  • Implementing customized workflows
  • Bulk document and content management
  • Document protection
  • Development of Data Importers, Translators and Migration Tools
  • Data Visualization and Analysis, Report Generation
  • REST and SOAP based web services
  • Complete Unit and Integration tests at development time
  • Handling deployment aspects e.g., load balancing, high availability and failover support, database clustering, cloud deployment, deployment at virtual ESX environment etc.
  • Harnessing the benefits of DevOps
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Social platforms

Our Value Proposition

With our vast experience in Java EE development we offer offshore partnership in achieving business value by developing robust, scalable and cost effective Java EE solutions. Our offshore teams align themselves with our client’s development teams in a service delivery model which best suits their business requirements.

At Newgen Infinite, faster deliveries do not mean compromising quality. We assist our clients in achieving sustainable results rather than just being an on-demand resource provider. We provide years of Java EE solution development experience along with offshore cost and scalability advantage to help clients achieve their business goals.

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