Offshore .Net Development


Our Expertise

Newgen Infinite is committed to craft and endorse the custom-tailored software applications developed using C#, VB/ASP or VC++ on the .Net platform. To meet every desired requirement of the client, we hire highly skilled and trained .Net professionals. This set of binary think-tank professionals bunch up to form Newgen Infinite's Microsoft Competency Center that leverages error-free applications and furnishes promising results.

Our offerings as .Net Development Company include:

  • Development and testing of software products on the best-of-breeds enterprise class platforms.
  • Porting of software solutions to the .Net platform.
  • Product Development of software packages on the .Net platform.
  • Evolving better connectors and adapters by using extensibility kit.
  • Porting solutions on different operating systems and databases to enhance software compatibility.
  • Security Services, and
  • Monitoring of product stability by running Performance Engineering Services.

Newgen Infinite: From Prelude

We stand distinguished in delivering the offshore DotNet development services with a continuous efforts of the team of technocrats. The focus of the professionals at Newgen Infinite is to meet the competitive pace not only in U.S, Canada and India but also in rest part of the world. They make it happen by simply assisting the clients by implementing the solution(s) rapidly and deciding on scalability, and flexibility of the resultant application to yield higher ROI.

Our Value Proposition

We are the first choice of the clients who wish to outsource their jobs. We assist you in developing the competitive products by providing rapid implementation of the product in the market with greater ROI and simultaneously reducing the risks involved. Our team works in sync with clients' team to leverage round-the-clock development cycle.

We, as your offshore DotNet development partner, believe working on the business models that serve your interest and business requirements. Here, software applications are developed in a manner by which the client is advantaged by plying impeccable quality, cost-assurance and speed-to-market.

We have decades-old engagements with clients of different domains like Financial Services, Corporate Solution, Insurance, Content Management, Work-Flow Solutions and E-Procurement. We believe in delivering high-quality software application development in DotNet platform to meet your business needs.

We can do more for you, just count on us......

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