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Our Expertise

Visual Design Delivery Approach

At Newgen Infinite, we strongly focus on balancing the trade-off between our client’s business objective and end user focus. With years of experience, our design and development teams have evolved methods to ensure this trade off not only result in aesthetically pleasing, feature rich and convincing UI but also score high in simplicity and effectiveness.

Our time tested Vision-Design-Delivery (VDD) approach allows us to understand business goals and end user needs. We align business needs with end user’s needs in a way that it is a win-win situation for everyone. Our design and development teams extensively focus on nitty-gritty of user needs so that they can weave the UX covering maximum user pain points. The idea is to grab user attention, engage them and then take them to where our clients want –business, entertain, inform and/or inspire.

Functional performance is a must when we talk about User Experience (UX) design for interfaces, but so are the visual references that express the functionality. To get highest degree of alignment between these two our UX teams perform multiple iterations of Concept-Design-Prototype cycle; accommodating user feedback in each iteration.

On the other hand we work and deliver UI keeping in mind that quality of a user interface is expressed in terms of ease of navigation and acceptability to operational notion. Nonetheless, it is the visual design perfection and creation of dynamic elements that create an out of the box user experience.

Our Capabilities

  • User Centred Design and Analysis
  • Effective Navigation and Presentation Design
  • Low and High Fidelity (Interactive) Prototyping for Desktop and Mobile devices
  • Prototyping for Desktop and Mobile devices
  • Interaction Design and GUI Design
  • Early and Advanced Prototype Testing
  • Design for Accessibility
  • Design Guidelines

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