Enterprise Mobile App Development




Advances in mobile devices and networks have pushed the reach of digital world across market segments. Knowing this Newgen Infinite has been developing such a system which is rich in imagination and robust in technology. It is believed that the system helps in attracting, engaging and transacting all at the same time and from the same place.

The 24x7 accessibility of Smartphones, Tablets and other Smart-Devices throws challenges for enterprises to reach their users wherever they are. Keeping this element in mind, enterprises are seeking solutions like inventory management, e-governance, asset tracking, banking, process and content management, IT and a lot more right on the users devices.

Newgen Infinite fills this gap with customized solutions which is further enhanced by tailor-made integration with social networks, location awareness, push events and integration with cloud services. This unique opportunity which was unimaginable few years back, also has its own unique challenges – providing highly efficient data transfer & storage, security, efficient and engaging user interface, deployment and analytics, mobility centric QA, and the choice of development platforms - to name a few.

Mobile Enterprise Application Development


Newgen has a proven track record of providing Enterprise Mobility solutions across Mobile Operating Systems and Networks. Our iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Framework/HTML5 Excellency Centers provide all the options – from Native Applications to Cross-Platform Frameworks to Web-Based Solutions tailored for Mobile experience.

Together with our Enterprise Outsourced Product Development and Quality Assurance teams, we have vast experience in extending existing Enterprise Application functions to Mobile platforms as well as developing Mobile-Ready Enterprise Applications from scratch right from Ideation and Prototyping/POC.

Our expertise with almost all the available Native, Cross-Browser and Web based platforms also positions us as the choice for porting existing Mobility Solutions to other platforms and maintenance of existing Mobility Solutions.