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We offer product ideation services that enable our customers to convert their ideas into innovative products and thereby assist them in efficiently competing in the target market.

In today’s agile environment, innovation and dynamism are the two most important dimensions for survival and lasting success. Irrespective of domain and target market, you have to be innovative to keep yourself in the race. For us innovation is not just thinking of an exciting idea or conceptualizing it. We define innovation as an end to end process which start from idea generation and ends with successful launch of the product.

We understand the importance of distinguishing “Custom Software Application” from “Software product development”. We have gathered significant expertise in developing software products, and stand ready to put our experience, innovativeness and cost-competitiveness to work for your organization.

We have the experience and know how to develop software products from scratch, starting from product definition, planning, design, development (coding), release management, quality assurance testing, training, deployment, and support.

We assist our clients to launch superior products by providing them on demand business/technical expertise. Currently we are working with many start-ups, venture funded and mid-sized software product companies in assisting them with their development challenges and delivering quality products.

Software Innovation


Newgen Infinite's product ideation services address following significant business challenges in product development:

  • Time to Market:

    Newgen Infinite’s product ideation services ensure fully functional product with lowest possible lead time and cost. Working with us, you get access to our project management and software development process which are evolved over years of our experience.
  • Quality Assurance:

    We give our customers an assurance of quality of products, services, and support. Our quality process addresses the quality assurance needs at every phase of the development cycle. Over the period of time we have developed our own Dev Ops platform to perform continuous integration and monitor quality of a product on day to day basis and much more.
  • Future Ready Product:

    We help you to build products which are future ready in terms of functionalities as well as technologies. We ensure scalability along with flexibility in a product’s design.
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements:

    During product design and development we take utmost care of fulfilling all regulatory requirements along with the industry standards.
  • Visibility and Feedback:

    With agile development methodology, we offer continuous visibility and accept quick feedback during development.

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